Big Pile of Vim-like

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Latest changes of the list
  1. zathura (updated)

    A document viewer with plugin system.

  2. Vim Mode Plus (added)

    Plugin for Atom.

  3. athame (updated)

    Full vim for your shell (bash, zsh, gdb, python, etc).

  4. XVim2 (added)

    Vim key-bindings for Xcode 9.

  5. w3m (updated)

    w3m is a text-based Web browser as well as a pager like more or less.

  6. Pentadactyl (updated)

    Plugin for Firefox, Pale Moon, Basilisk.

  7. nvi (updated)

    Vi reimplementation.

  8. rekonq (updated)

    A Web browser for KDE based on WebKit. Has basic Vim-like keys.

  9. PAmix (updated)

    ncurses/curses pulseaudio mixer in C++ similar to pavucontrol.

  10. wmii (updated)

    A small, scriptable window manager, with a 9P filesystem interface and an acme-like layout.

  11. nsxiv (added)

    Neo Simple X Image Viewer (fork of sxiv).

  12. sxiv (updated)

    Simple X Image Viewer.

  13. 2022.12.07
  14. imv (updated)

    A command line image viewer intended for use with tiling window managers.

  15. KornSHell (updated)

    An early UNIX shell.

  16. Editra (updated)

    Editra is a multi-platform text editor with an implementation that focuses on creating an easy to use interface and features that aid in code development.

  17. tig (updated)

    Text-mode interface for git.

  18. Blender (updated)

    Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite.

  19. ViTunes (updated)

    A Vim plugin that allows you to control iTunes.

  20. 2022.12.06
  21. viex (updated)

    NetBeans IDE Vim-like plugin.

  22. jVi (updated)

    NetBeans IDE Vim-like plugin.

  23. 2022.12.05
  24. ranger (updated)

    A console file manager with Vi key bindings, includes application association guessing tool.

  25. Onivim 2 (updated)

    Sublime/VSCode-like editor internally backed by Vim's code.

  26. 2022.12.04
  27. Cream-Browser (updated)

    A Vim-like lightweight Web browser with Vimperator interface.

  28. 2022.12.03
  29. vimary (added)

    A Safari extension that provides vim style keyboard based navigation.

  30. Firenvim (added)

    Embed Neovim in Chrome, Firefox & others.

  31. hx (added)

    Hex editor for the terminal using plain C99 + POSIX libs.

  32. reaper-keys (added)

    Vim-like shortcuts for Reaper DAW.

  33. vimiv (updated)

    An image viewer with Vim-like keybindings (GTK version).

  34. vimiv-qt (added)

    An image viewer with Vim-like keybindings (Qt version).

  35. hed (added)

    HED is a wannabe-powerful visual hexadecimal editor with focus on fast editing of very large files.

  36. 2022.08.14
  37. btop++ (added)

    A terminal monitor of resources

  38. 2021.06.26
  39. moe (added)

    A command line based editor inspired by vi/vim. Written in Nim.

  40. 2021.06.19
  41. qutebrowser (updated)

    Qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI.

  42. rx (added)

    Modern and minimalist pixel editor.

  43. Vieb (added)

    Vim Inspired Electron Browser - Vim bindings for the web by design.

  44. 2021.01.10
  45. Termshark (added)

    A terminal UI for tshark, inspired by Wireshark.