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Items of this type are applications that are intentionally created to be Vim-like in some respect (possibly disabled by default). Less Vim-like applications are in "Configurable" section.

Minimalistic player with curses interface.

License MIT or GPL (it depends)
Languages C
UI curses
Category Music Players
  • uses mplayer to play the music

  • main controls aren't very Vim-like

  • project has been abandoned by the original author

All items of Music Players category

Not so minimalistic terminal player.

Minimalistic player with curses interface.


Probably the most Vim-like music player (MPD client).

A text-based audio player for Unix-like operating systems, inspired by cmus.

Client for mpd with Vim-like key bindings.

Terminal MPD client with Vim-like key bindings.

Console playlist/music database manager with Vim-like bindings.